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It's costing you more than you know...

  • The average person in 2023 spends over 17 hours a week watching videos!

  • Videos increase your ROI, videos are shared 52% more than any other content.

  • 90% of marketers say video marketing helps generate more leads.

  • Video marketing will helps you attract and connect with prospects.

  • Google loves videos. Google owns YouTube making video marketing the most powerful and versatile tool.

Don't Let The Competition Steal the Attention Of Your Prospects

Unleash the power of video marketing. As Ductless becomes more popular, your competition increase. Videos are the way to level up your marketing... it is the most powerful and versatile marketing tool you can use in 2024. Due to the time intensive nature of creating videos, we're limited to how many clients we can don't wait!


I'm going to help you craft a meaningful message and provide you with 10 amazing videos that you can share far and wide. Get Ready to kick off 2024 and make it your best year ever.

Hi, I'm Michelle LaFrance

My passion for Ductless started 15 years ago in 2008 – one of the worst recessions. An HVAC contractor called me worried whether he could survive the economic downturn.

He wanted to brand his business as the leader in ductless and asked if I could make him #1 in the search. “YES!” I said. After a moment of silence, I had to ask, “What’s a Ductless Heat Pump?”

We went on to make him the “Go To” contractor in his area, winning the award of the Top Ductless Contractor in the entire Pacific Northwest selling over 364 systems during the midst of a recession!

Today, I am known as a Marketing Strategist and Ductless Marketing Expert. I help contractors grow ductless by dominating the search with my unique and one-of-a-kind program that helps you OWN the search.

I work with and promote qualified ductless contractors and help them DIFFERENTIATE & DOMINATE the search.

We're experts in video marketing, check out my YouTube channel where I advocate and promote the qualified contractors. And make sure to subscribe.

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